Lab Parts is an e-commerce platform specializing in engineering products, providing a comprehensive range of laboratory equipment and components. With a commitment to quality and efficiency, Lab Parts caters to the diverse needs of professionals and researchers in the engineering and scientific communities.


    Lab Parts faced the challenge of optimizing their online presence and enhancing the functionality of their e-commerce website. The existing platform needed a revamp to improve user experience, implement advanced features, and integrate seamlessly with customer relationship management (CRM) systems.

    Activities Performed

      1. WordPress Website Development: Created a customized and user-friendly e-commerce website on the WordPress platform, ensuring a responsive design for optimal accessibility across devices.
      1. Site Migration: Successfully migrated Lab Parts’ existing website to the new WordPress platform, ensuring a smooth transition without any data loss or disruptions.
      1. Form-HubSpot CRM Integration: Integrated HubSpot CRM with website forms, streamlining lead management, and improving communication with potential customers.
      1. Multi-Step Forms: Implemented multi-step forms to enhance user experience, making complex ordering processes more manageable and user-friendly.
      1. Facebook Pixel Integration: Integrated Facebook Pixel for advanced analytics and improved ad targeting, enhancing Lab Parts’ digital marketing efforts.
      1. Google Analytics Setup: Configured Google Analytics for detailed website performance analysis, enabling Lab Parts to make informed decisions based on user behavior.
      1. Google Search Console Setup: Established Google Search Console to monitor and optimize Lab Parts’ website presence in search engine results.
      1. Appointment System: Implemented an appointment system for customers to schedule consultations or services directly through the website.
      1. Price Calculator: Developed a dynamic price calculator to provide users with instant and accurate cost estimates based on selected products and services.


    The comprehensive efforts in WordPress website development, site migration, form-HubSpot CRM integration, multi-step forms, Facebook Pixel integration, Google Analytics setup, Google Search Console setup, appointment system, and price calculator significantly elevated Lab Parts’ online presence and operational efficiency. The revamped website now offers enhanced user experiences, advanced analytics capabilities, and streamlined customer interactions, contributing to increased customer satisfaction and improved overall business performance in the competitive engineering products market.

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