Eazy Retail

Eazy Retail is a dynamic e-commerce brand offering a diverse range of products with a focus on convenience and accessibility. Committed to providing an easy and enjoyable shopping experience, Eazy Retail has become a preferred destination for online shoppers.


Eazy Retail faced the challenge of establishing a distinctive brand identity in the competitive e-commerce landscape. They required a logo that would effectively convey their commitment to simplicity, convenience, and a seamless shopping experience.

Activities Performed

    1. Logo Design: Engaged in collaborative sessions with Eazy Retail to understand their brand ethos, resulting in the creation of a unique and memorable logo that embodies simplicity, accessibility, and ease of online shopping.


The crafted logo for Eazy Retail successfully communicates the brand’s values of simplicity and convenience in the e-commerce realm. With its distinctive design, the logo enhances brand recognition and resonates with customers seeking a hassle-free shopping experience. Eazy Retail now boasts a visual identity that aligns with its commitment to providing a straightforward and enjoyable online shopping journey.

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