Ashika Foods

    Ashika Foods is a prominent chocolate brand based in New Delhi, known for its delectable range of premium chocolates. Committed to delivering quality and innovation, Ashika Foods has established itself as a sought-after choice in the confectionery market.


    Ashika Foods faced the challenge of establishing a distinctive brand identity in a competitive market. They needed a compelling and memorable logo that would reflect the premium quality of their chocolates and set them apart from competitors.

    Activities Performed

      1. Initial Consultation: Conducted a detailed consultation to understand Ashika Foods’ brand values and vision.
      1. Market Research: Analyzed the confectionery market to identify trends and ensure the logo aligned with consumer preferences.
      1. Concept Development: Created multiple logo concepts that captured the essence of Ashika Foods, emphasizing the premium and indulgent nature of their chocolates.
      1. Feedback and Iteration: Collaborated closely with Ashika Foods, gathering feedback on the initial concepts and making iterative adjustments to meet their vision.
      1. Color Palette Selection: Carefully selected a color palette that conveyed sophistication and appealed to the target audience.
      1. Typography Design: Crafted a custom typography design that complemented the overall logo, ensuring readability and elegance.
      1. Finalization: Presented the refined logo design options for Ashika Foods’ approval, incorporating any final adjustments.


    The new logo successfully encapsulated Ashika Foods’ brand identity, portraying a sense of luxury and quality. It resonated well with the target audience, contributing to increased brand recognition and market visibility. Ashika Foods now boasts a visually appealing and memorable logo that reflects the premium nature of their chocolates, enhancing their overall brand image in the competitive confectionery landscape.

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