Ameyaa Group

    Ameyaa Group, a leading edible oil manufacturer, is dedicated to delivering high-quality products in the food industry. With a strong focus on innovation and sustainability, Ameyaa Group has positioned itself as a trusted name in the market for premium edible oils and related engineering products.


    Ameyaa Group faced the challenge of upgrading its online presence to reflect its diverse product range, including edible oils and engineering products. They required a comprehensive solution involving website development, graphic design, video editing, e-commerce integration, and seamless payment processing.

    Activities Performed

      1. WordPress Website Development: Created a dynamic and user-friendly WordPress website showcasing Ameyaa Group’s range of products, ensuring an intuitive browsing experience.
      1. Graphic Design: Developed visually appealing graphics that effectively communicated the quality and variety of Ameyaa Group’s edible oils and engineering products.
      1. Video Editing: Produced engaging promotional videos to highlight the manufacturing processes, quality control, and sustainability initiatives of Ameyaa Group.
      1. Form-CRM Integration: Integrated a CRM system with online forms to streamline lead management and customer relationship processes.
      1. E-commerce (WooCommerce) Integration: Implemented WooCommerce for seamless product listing, categorization, and online sales of both edible oils and engineering products.
      1. Payment Integration: Integrated secure and efficient payment gateways to facilitate smooth transactions, providing a user-friendly purchasing experience for customers.


    The collaborative efforts in WordPress website development, graphic design, video editing, form-CRM integration, e-commerce (WooCommerce) implementation, and payment integration have significantly enhanced Ameyaa Group’s online presence. The website now serves as an effective platform for showcasing their diverse product portfolio, facilitating online sales, and engaging customers with visually appealing content. The seamless integration of e-commerce and secure payment processing contributes to a positive user experience, reinforcing Ameyaa Group’s position as a reliable and innovative player in the edible oil and engineering product markets.

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